Announcing Kitchen Dog Theater’s 2019-20 Season!  

Kitchen Dog Theater's 29th Season will take place at TRINITY RIVER ARTS CENTER (TRAC), located at 2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 180, Dallas, TX 75207


A Love Offering by Jonathan Norton

Director: KDT Co-Artistic Director Tina Parker
Dates:  October 3 -27, 2019

“When done correctly, localism or regionalism is never simple indictment or homage. It’s a testament to place, a way to acknowledge those who know those places.” -D Magazine

The Play: T’Wana Jepson has been bit before. And scratched. And kicked. And punched. And called every dirty word in the book. But so has her coworker and play-mama, Miss Georgia. It comes with the territory as a nurse’s aide caring for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. You learn to not take it personally and to lean on your co-workers for support. But after T’Wana is attacked by the patient in E 204, something happens that threatens the bonds of trust and friendship.


Queen of Basel by Hilary Bettis

Director: KDT Co-Artistic Director Christopher Carlos
Dates: November 21 - December 15, 2019

“By play’s end, no one’s journey is complete. Each character leaves after a brief moment of improbable connectedness that has left them with a degree of hope, or at least thoughtfulness, about the course of their very different lives. For an audience, sharing such moments is what makes it worthwhile to attend theater.”-DC Metro Theater Arts

The Play: It’s Art Basel, Miami’s weeklong party for the rich and famous, where real estate heiress Julie reigns over the blowout her mogul father is throwing at his South Beach hotel. But after tangling with her father and a run-in with a tray of cocktails, Julie plots her next move in the hotel’s barely used storage kitchen. Her companions are Christine, a cocktail waitress who recently fled violence in Venezuela, and Christine’s fiancé John, an Uber driver with ambitions. This explosive elixir of power, class, and race within the Latinx community is a bold and contemporary take on Strindberg’s Miss Julie by vibrant rising voice Hilary Bettis (TV’s The Americans).  


Alabaster by Audrey Cefaly 

Director: KDT Artistic Company Member Tim Johnson
Dates: February 13 - March 8, 2020

“Sometimes a piece just glues you to your chair, makes you laugh, rips your heart out, and when it's done you want to hold the people you love tightly and not let go. ” -Tony Caselli/ New Play Exchange

The Play: A noted photographer sets out to explore the topography of “scars.” Her journey lands her in the mysterious realm of an undiscovered folk artist hiding away in North Alabama. ALABASTER is about an artist who lost her entire family (and nearly died herself) in an Alabama tornado. Three years since the devastation, JUNE has isolated herself, along with her goats WEEZY and BIB, on what remains of her family farm. JUNE is covered, from head to toe... with scars. She suffers from agoraphobia and crippling PTSD. She gets up every day and she feeds the goats, weeds the garden, and picks up her paintbrush. ALICE, a world-renowned photographer, has come to take pictures of JUNE for a series on women with scars. But ALICE is carrying scars of her own and IS desperately trying to outrun her own pain. The sexual tension between JUNE and ALICE is immediate and ever-present. But what they need from each other transcends the physical. What does it mean to be truly "seen?" How do we pick up the pieces? How do we move forward?


‘A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus by Washington Irving’ by Cameron Cobb and Michael Federico   

Director: KDT Artistic Company Member Christie Vela
Dates: June 4 - 28, 2020

The Play: The almost totally true story of how the “Headless Horseman” guy manipulated myth and rewrote history to create Christopher Columbus. Also, there’s music. And murder. Lots of murder. 


22nd Anniversary New Works Festival Staged Reading Series + PUP Fest

Directors/Playwrights TBD
Dates: June 6-27, 2020

KDT is delighted to announce its 22st annual celebration of the newest and most exciting voices and visions of the American Theater. In addition to the mainstage anchor production, this year’s festival will also feature six staged readings of plays chosen from nearly 1000 submissions from across the globe. The NWF also features the 18th annual PUP (Playwrights Under Progress) Fest, an afternoon of short plays written and performed by some of Dallas’ finest young talent, produced by D-PAC (Dallas Playwriting Arts Collective), KDT’s partnership with Junior Players and Dallas Independent School District.



Crossing the Line Co directed by Mara Richards Bim and Tim Johnson

Dates: July 18- August 4, 2019

Based on interviews conducted in Dallas, via Skype and at the border, Crossing the Line is an original documentary-style performance created and produced by Cry Havoc Theater & Kitchen Dog Theater focusing on the immigration debate and the situation at the border.

6th Annual One-Minute Play Festival

Dates: August 10-12 at SMU's Bob Hope Theater

84 original one-minute plays by 42 local playwrights + 12 directors + 60 actors = 1 insanely wild night of theater. This highly anticipated annual event has quickly become a community favorite!