NEW Works festival/New PLAY EXCHANGE FAQ

For questions about a play’s eligibility for our New Works Festival, or for our New Works Festival Local Slot submission process, please click here. For our general script submission policies, click here.

Q: How do I submit my play on New Play Exchange?

  1. Go to and create a Writer or Pro-Writer account.

  2. Once you’ve set up your profile, upload a full draft of the play you want to send to Kitchen Dog. Samples are not eligible for our NPX opportunity.

  3. You’ll get an e-mail from NPX telling you that your play is eligible for our opportunity (this can take up to 24 hours, but is usually much faster).

  4. Make sure you’re logged into NPX in your browser, click on the link in the email, and review our criteria again just to make sure your script is a good fit.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of our NPX Opportunity page, you’ll see a section that says “Eligible Plays”

  6. Click on “Review Requirements”

  7. Upload a cover letter to the “Supporting Documents” section and tag your play.

  8. You’re done. It’s really that simple!

Q: Will I receive a confirmation email that I’ve tagged my play?

As long as you’ve completed the above steps, Kitchen Dog will receive your play. Due to the large amount of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide confirmations of receipt to each playwright.

Q: Why haven’t I received an opportunity email from NPX?
Q: I got an opportunity email, but the play I think is best suited is not listed as eligible. Why can’t I tag that play?

  1. Make sure you are trying to submit during our submission window of 12:00am CST on September 7, 2019 and 11:59pm CST on September 9, 2019.

  2. Make sure you’ve uploaded a full draft of your play - script samples are not eligible for our opportunity.

  3. Please review our mission statement and eligibility requirements to be sure your play is eligible.

  4. Your play may be tagged in a way that is incompatible for our opportunity. Please check to see that your play is tagged for audiences 16 & up only, and has fewer than 8 actors.

Q: When will I be notified about my submission status?

Kitchen Dog attempts to notify all playwrights about their script’s selection status after we have chosen our finalists. Playwrights can expect to receive information about their play’s submission status in Spring of 2020.

Q: I’m unable to attach a cover letter to the “Supporting Documents” section. What do I do?

Plays cannot be considered without cover letters. Please email and/or as soon as possible.