Design District North Neighborhood Association Meeting

The following post is super delayed because of technical difficulties!

Many of you may know that Kitchen Dog has been working on our permanent space. Well, that space will be in District 6, near the Design District North neighborhood.

We at Kitchen Dog are passionate about not just plopping ourselves down in our new digs, but, rather, making sure that we are integrated into the community, and giving back to those who will be our neighbors. We figured there was no better way to learn about our new neighborhood than to attend a Neighborhood Association meeting for our nearby Design District North.

So, on July 23rd, that’s exactly what we did. Artistic Director Tina Parker and I got to know the personalities and concerns of our nearby neighbors, and reconnect with Council Member Omar Narvaez (who I spoke with earlier this year with fellow Kitchen Dog Tim Johnson) over some great beer at Pegasus City Brewery.

This neighborhood is really developing at a rapid rate. We learned about the local businesses, as well as how to utilize the 311 app to report community problems such as burned out street lights and potholes. We were then given the opportunity to introduce ourselves and the work Kitchen Dog will be doing in our permanent home, and asked how we could be of service to our neighbors. There was talk of possibly renting out our soundproof room to nearby photographers and videographers, as well as hosting community meetings.

While our new space isn’t incorporated into any specific neighborhood yet, we are excited and inspired to serve our community, and look forward to collaborating with our neighbors to make Kitchen Dog a true town hall.

As a side note, Pegasus City expressed their interest in being available to local artists for rehearsal space or staged readings! Take advantage, y’all!